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Things to do During the Summer Holidays - The Book of Broads


Norwich, UK


Things to do During the Summer Holidays

It is not often that the UK has good weather and is typically known for having rain and winds therefore for the few short months where the weather is reasonably god in the summer, it is important you maximise this to the full.  There are lots of different things you could do either alone or with your family or friends.  Here are some suggestions of these:

Trampoline Fun

Whether you are an adult or child, having a jump around a trampoline can be a whole lot of fun.  This seems to be one of the activities that is growing in popularity.  You will find that nowadays, many households have a trampoline in their back yard where the kids go to jump around when the weather permits.  Even if the weather is a little dodgy, don’t let that stop you as you could head to somewhere like Rush UK Trampoline Parks where you can bounce around indoors.  These sort of centres are good for a family day out or even for things like stag and hen days where you can begin the fun a little differently before heading out in the evening.


The UK is blessed to have many beautiful beaches but we don’t always get the full benefit of these due to the poor weather.  As we are a small island we are never too far away from the nearest beach.  Close to a lot of the beaches are things like caravan parks or lodges that you could rent and have a mini holiday near the sea.  If you have a dog then the majority of dogs would love you to take them to the beach so that they can run around and splash in the sea.


A lot of sports are played outdoors therefore if you want to physically partake in a sport of be a spectator at one of these events, the summer weather will help make this an awesome event.  If tennis is a sport you love then during the months of June and July you will see the ATP events come to UK which include Nottingham, Queens, Eastbourne and of course the world famous Wimbledon.  Tickets for these activities are not as expensive as one may imagine and as long as you purchase these well in advance, you may be able to scoop a bargain.


The UK is blessed to have some very beautiful scenery.  This includes some attractive hills and mountains that people from all areas of the world come over to see.  There are lots of recognised routes for walking around these areas and the summer weather is clearly the best time to be doing this and make it as enjoyable for the full family.  If you think of the potential exercise that you would benefit from by doing this, it makes it even more rewarding.  Be sure to check out the routes in advance and plan properly to ensure that you don’t get lost and take into consideration any risks.


Image: Pixabay