The wondrous place I have chosen to be my home is famous for two reasons, stunningly beautiful wetlands and an incredible, world-renowned writing tradition. I have embraced both and feel deeply privileged to reside here. Nature and writing combine to envelop me in natural beauty and incessant creativity throughout each day I spend here.

The landscape has inspired many famous writers, and Norwich’s writing tradition is as strong today as it was nearly 750 years ago, when the first woman, Julian of Norwich, wrote and published a book in the English language in this city. The writing heritage has been lovingly maintained and nurtured throughout the centuries, and the people of Norwich and beyond, to this day, cherish both, the abundance of great writing as well as the wealth of beauty bestowed upon us by the amazing wetlands.

On Becoming a Writer

Every child growing up in this area is steeped in the world-renowned writing tradition, and some of us are deeply moved and stirred into picking up pen and paper and contribute. I started writing during my early teens. Writing soon became my refuge, my rollercoaster, and my life journey. Though the process is not always easy, writing nonetheless sustains the writer. The written word resembles the air we breathe and becomes an integral and essential ingredient in one’s existence. From my mid-teens, I knew I would pursue a writing career, and thankfully, my passion has provided me with plenty of work and a good income.

Many people aren’t equally as privileged, and I value and appreciate being in a position to make a living from my soul’s craft every day.

At college, I studied journalism, and today, as a freelancer, I combine various types of writing. Writers are no longer dependent on the approval of publishing houses or news publications, and today, have the freedom to self-publish or publish their work on the internet.

My Love of the Broads

For those who’ve never been charmed by the beauty and sheer elegance of the Broads, England’s largest protected wetland, let me paint you a picture. The Broads is a wetland, a blend of harmonious waterways, rare wildlife, and carefully constructed windmills. Any visitor is instantly mesmerized by the stunning calm and tranquility, and most delighted by the gentle sounds of the waters, wildlife, and the wind.

When you take a boat trip through the Broads, you are transported far away from everyday burdens, a lightness descends, and you become part of nature like nowhere else in the world.

Throughout the ages, even the most skilled writers have failed to capture the true essence of the Broads, for words forever fail real beauty.

This Website – The Book of the Broads

To honour this region’s natural wonders and rich writing tradition, I decided to dedicate a website to both. By doing so, I can further pursue my passion for writing, while also publishing beautiful photos of the Broads. To my mind, the Broads and the region’s rich writing heritage deserve words and pictures, so that anyone who is looking for refuge will find it right here.

On this website, you will find lots of great writing from a wide selection of great authors, and you will be captured by the grace of the Broads. You’ll also find information on the people of the Broads, community events, local news, and all other related issues.

The website is also a meeting platform for writers, aspiring and well-known, a place where we can gather and inspire even more great writing.

Between the wonder of the wetlands and the richness of the written word, you won’t be left wanting.