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Great Gift Ideas for Your Groom

Surely the fact that they are marrying you is a gift enough? No? Well if you are trying to find some truly great gifts to shower your groom-to-be on the big day, either before or after the main event in your shared lives, we have you covered. In the following post we will look at a number of incredibly thoughtful and interesting gift ideas for your soon-to-be husband.

Sports Memorabilia

If your fiancé is a big sports lover and is a fan of a particular team or a sportsman, you could buy a gift related to that passion. You can, for instance, get a custom tapestry of his favorite players or sports team. It can be put up on the wall of his shed, garage, man cave, or if he manages to negotiate, even the wall space somewhere in the house. He will love the fact that even if you do not share his love for a particular sport, you are accepting that it’s a part of him and what he loves.

Personalised Monogrammed Luggage

An especially nice idea before you head on that first official holiday together as newly-weds – the honeymoon, monogrammed luggage is something most men who love to travel will appreciate. Try and find the best bag or collection of bags, for your budget, so you can not only get the personal touches but something that will actually last a long time.

A memory blanket

If your fiancé has a collection of t-shirts, whether they’re football or rugby tops or souvenirs from your holidays abroad, consider turning them into a memory blanket. Memory quilt blankets are perfect for snuggling under whilst you watch a film on the sofa together, and he’s sure to love seeing all of his favourite shirts on display rather than stuffed at the back of a drawer. You might need to ask his permission to do this, because obviously they’re his shirts, but the end result will still be a nice surprise!

An Outdoor Adventure Kit

If your man is an adventurous type who loves hiking, fishing and just generally being at one with nature, he will appreciate any gift that supports or helps that passion. You could put together a box with lots of the things he’d need if he was out in the middle of nowhere. things like a compass, O.S maps, powerful torch, robust water bottle, knot-typing guide, rope, waterproof supplies bag, mini gas stove etc.

A New Set of Golf Clubs or New Club or Two

Golf clubs are expensive, and if you are not wanting to blow your gift budget on golf, you might want to just buy him a new driver or iron. If your man is a big golfing enthusiast he will love that you chose to get him something he will really use.

Extra Special Gift Basket

This is a nice idea if you are going full-on traditional and not seeing each other until you walk down the aisle. You could order him one of the many wedding gift baskets there are out there, being sure to choose one with all his favourite treats and snacks. When he received it on the morning of your big day, he’ll know you are thinking of him and the sugar boost will help with his nerves.

Grooming Kit

Does your guy seem to spend as much time on grooming as you? You could get him a nice dopp-style kit full of everything he needs to stay looking the sharp and handsome man you fell for. There’s plenty of luxurious razor reviews to browse through at If you have it sent to him on the big day, it means he can prep himself so he looks a little extra dashing when you see him at the end of the aisle.