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Five Books that Can Help You Make a Living Online

In the early days of the internet, few people could have predicted how the web would revolutionize our entire lives. Whether for convenience or safety, a continuously increasing number of aspects of our everyday lives have been transferred online. Everything from banking to entertainment to shopping has been made easier, instantaneous and remote.


Today, we can have the option of taking our careers online. There’s a growing normalization of work-at-home parents and digital nomads, often removing the need for offices and set working hours, and instead allowing for the freedom to control our own workflow. That being said, it might not always be easy to know where to start.


If you want to earn enough money on the internet to support yourself, whether it’s by reselling products that can be bought in bulk from sites like Abound (navigate to this website to learn more) or providing services like proofreading or website design, you need to be technically savvy, disciplined and organized. Here are some of the top-selling and highest reviewed books on how to bring in the bucks on the web.


Starting Up on Your Own: How to Succeed as an Independent Consultant or Freelancer, Mike Johnson

Regardless of whether you skills lie in creative writing or graphic design, finding work as a freelancer can be tricky. Furthermore – finding good clients and projects is only a small part of it – time and bankroll management present a whole layer of challenges too. Freelancing requires discipline and planning – which is what Johnson’s ‘Starting Up on Your Own’ aims to help readers with. The book is described as ‘practical’ and ‘no-nonsense’ guide, delving straight into the most essential skills and habits a freelancer or consultant should master in order to succeed. For those considering going about their career independently and online – this is the book for you.


How to Make Money Online, Mike Omar

Omar is an entrepreneur interested in helping smaller businesses succeed online. In this highly informative and comprehensive step-by-step guide, he gives the reader plenty of examples from his own personal portfolio of diverse and successful online money-making endeavours. Omar also offers advice on how to balance one’s online business projects with one’s regular job until the online business gives a stable enough income to quit the regular job. This book is perhaps best for those who know they want to make money online but don’t know how to choose one of the many different ways to go about this. Omar’s guide gives a great overview of which methods one can employ, with examples of the pros and cons for each method.


Texas Hold’Em Poker: Win Online, Paul Mendelson

For those who enjoy the ancient card game of poker, the idea of being able to make money from playing it online might seem too good to be realistic. Understandably, however, anyone not especially talented in the game might consider it wisest to stay well clear of gambling money on poker sites. Mendelson shows how it is possible to play poker for serious money with minimal investment by taking advantage of certain offers and bonuses available online. He also helps the reader decrease potential losses and maximise chances of winning with tips on how to improve their gameplay by understanding poker strategy, odds calculation and player psychology. Mendelson focuses mainly on the main five or so most popular real money poker sites in his book, with information on how to pick the right site for one’s particular level of skill.


The Million Dollar Blog, Natasha Courtenay-Smith

Running a successful blog is many people’s dream – not just because being able to write on a subject about which one is passionate is immensely enjoyable, but because a blog can be a real money-making machine. Blogging, if done correctly, can earn you considerable money through affiliate programs, ads, sponsored posts, reviews and much more. In ‘The Million Dollar Blog’, Courtenay-Smith uses her personal experience as a successful blogger to inform and advise on how one can best monetize and maintain their blog. The skills this book teaches are applicable to most types of blogs – whether you write about fashion or technology. It also delves into how to create an online persona that attracts people to your blog, along with tips on everything from WordPress to social media to creative writing.


Make a Fortune Promoting Other People’s Stuff Online, Rosalind Gardner

The hugely popular book functions as an introductory guide to affiliate marketing, with an explanation on the different types of affiliate programs exist, and tips on how to start your own affiliate business. Gardner tells readers how to choose products and programs (and how to know which ones to avoid) through research into one’s niche market. She gives advice on how to negotiate higher commission, stay on top of industry developments and use inbound marketing and SEO to improve leads. ‘Make a Fortune Promoting Other People’s Stuff Online’ is the perfect and thorough beginner guide for those who think affiliate marketing might be right for them.
All of these books can be downloaded online as ebooks, meaning you don’t even have to head to the bookstore to learn the insider tips and tricks from these money-making experts. Why not get started on your online business empire today?