Norwich, UK


Encouraging Our Kids to See the Real Picture

With the arrival of the twenty-first century saw the advancement of some amazing technology. Smart phones, tablets and gaming consoles in abundance. Alongside this new technology also came the introduction of apps, especially social media apps. As a writer, I would be lying if I said I didn’t access apps, social media and this variety of technology. However, perhaps it’s being an adult with a lot of experience behind me, but I know the difference between real life and fantasy. Yet, when it comes to the kids of today, unfortunately the lines are worryingly blurred.

A Generation Of 24/7 Online

I’m not one of those people who like to hark on about how easier the current generation have it. Yes, we all had struggles throughout our childhoods, but If I’m honest, I’m kind of on the other side of the fence when this argument rears its head in my social circles! You see, I believe that our current generation of kids have so much more to contend with today then we as kids ever did. The reason why; the introduction of social media.

Social Media and The Current Generation

I almost feel sorry for any child that is growing up in this media obsessed society. Whilst social media has its many advantages, for the more impressionable of kids, it is a horrible pretence that many see the need to play along with. Children today see Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as the norm. Of course, they will; they are growing up firmly amongst it where almost every aspect of their lives is played out online.

What worries me most is the idea that everything they see online is real. The friends packing for that extravagant holiday the sixth time around that year, the picture-perfect home that the popular kid lives in, the hundreds of pounds worth of trainers that just happen to be caught in the background of a bully’s selfie, or the incessant party shots the school’s divas claim to have attended all weekend! We as adults know that a huge majority of it is for show, or rather likes and comments. But how often is this relayed to our kids?

A Worrying Addiction That Will Not End Well

Strangely enough, I had never heard of cyber-bullying, sexting or any other term like this until Facebook came along! What was once initially a great way of communicating with forgotten friends or distance family members has now evolved into something unfortunately more sinister.

With recent statistics claiming that many teenagers in the US are turning their backs on this crippling addiction, I just hope the UK won’t be too far behind, for all our children’s sakes.