If you’ve ended up on this website, you were either looking for information on the Broads or words of wisdom on writing. You have come to the right place and may contact me with any related question by filling in the contact form below.

I can help you with a variety of writing and Broads related issues, and perhaps, you would also like to offer me some of your knowledge or expertise. Perhaps, you would just like to hook up and muse about the value of writing or the beauty of the Broads. That’s ok too!

Good Reasons for Contacting Me – Writing and Broads Collaboration

Since the establishment of this website, I have been contacted by people, particularly in relation to the following:

  • The Broads: Residents or promoters of the Broads can contact me to help them promote and protect this beautiful region. I publish information and photos of the area nearly on a daily basis and know the wonderful wetlands like the back of my hand. If you’ve never been here, please let me advise you on the best ways to visit, places to stay and eat, and all other Broads’ related issues. If you are one of the fabulous people working in the protection and conservation of the Broads, you may use this website as a platform for promotion and education.
  • Norwich – City of Literature: In May 2012, Norwich was awarded the “UNESCO City of Literature” status. This award was greatly deserved and due to the great work of the University and the people of the city. Apart from boasting a strong writing tradition, the city celebrates writing annually with the World Literature Festival. To find out more about the work done in this great city, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You may also contact me to have an event publicised on this website.
  • My Writing Services: You can hire me as a journalist or writer. As a freelancer, I am always intrigued by the rich variety of writing assignments that present themselves, and love the abundance of tasks. I consider any type of assignment, just get in touch, and we can discuss the details.
  • Writers’ Forum: This website is also designed as a meeting place for writers from across the globe. We discuss great writing, support each other’s efforts, and exchange tips and advice.
  • Aspiring Writers: I love supporting aspiring writers by reading and advising on their work. As a freelancer, I am also in a position to help you to get published and find writing assignments.
  • Other Inquiries: Every once in a while, I receive an unusual request, much to my delight. Therefore, I would like to stress that you may get in touch for entirely different reasons. If you’ve stumbled upon this website and feel like getting in touch, please do!

Let’s Start a Conversation

While I love the written word, I love communicating and conversing with people just as much. People and nature are rich sources of inspiration. It’s in human interaction that we grow and learn, and I cherish each conversation as a result. Contacting me is easy by filling in the contact form you’ll find at the bottom of this page.

I check my inbox every morning and reply at once. Since setting up this website, I have had the privilege to meet and converse with people from all over the world, and I would love to hear what you have to say too. Whenever you speak to someone, you grow a little as a person, provide support, inspire, and share.

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