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Embracing the Bookworm Lifestyle: Escaping into the World of Words

Being a bookworm is a cherished and timeless lifestyle in a world dominated by fast-paced technology and constant distractions. Readers find solace, entertainment, and knowledge within the pages of books. They understand the magic of words and the infinite worlds that can be explored without leaving their favourite reading nook. In this article, we’ll dive into the world of bookworms and explore why they are … =>

Top Poetry Revision Tips

Poetry isn’t for everyone, but it is a key part of both the GCSE and A-level English Literature examinations. There a few ways that you can help your students revise poetry to give them the confidence they need to do their best in their exam: =>

Unseen poetry GCSE

During the GCSE English Literature exam, students will be required to write an essay comparing two different poems that are written about the same topic, for example two poems about love. In the first part, students will be asked to answer a question about one poem. In the next question they will be asked to answer a question about a second poem and compare that … =>

Fun Team Building Activities

When working in a team, it is important that there is a strong working relationship amongst everyone in order to get the best results for the business. Internal bickering or poor relationships can have a direct impact on the company’s performance and absenteeism levels. Sometimes it doesn’t look like an area where companies want to spend money (as they don’t see the immediate financial benefit). … =>

3 Reasons Why You Should Compare Funeral Costs

Funeral services are a way for us to celebrate the lives of loved ones who have passed and pay our final respects to them. However, the cost of the services can oftentimes be a lot to bear, especially for those who may have no more than a modest budget to work with. After all, not many of us can afford to spend a small fortune … =>

Is an MA in Creative Writing Required to Write A Book?

A few years back, I was surprised to learn that one of my all-time favourite female writers, Jeanette Winterson, had agreed to take up a place as Professor of Creative Writing at The University of Manchester. Whilst it isn’t odd to discover a writer working at a university, after all they are indeed the experts, it was rather Jeanette’s choice of courses that I questioned … =>