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A Room of One’s Own – Why a Shed Can be a Good Writing Investment - The Book of Broads


Norwich, UK


A Room of One’s Own – Why a Shed Can be a Good Writing Investment

When I first started out writing, as a hobby and unpaid, I began as perhaps most writer’s do – from the comfort of my own little desk. Set up in the corner of our kitchen, I would retreat to my desk whenever there was a spare minute during the evening. A place to spread all my writing paraphernalia, this was where I could switch off from the working day and into writing mode.

Then, I began to take my writing seriously and, what developed from a hobby was now my full-time role. The little desk wasn’t going to cut it anymore, and my other half wasn’t going to put up with me overtaking the family dining room with all my sticky notes and paperwork each night. There was only one thing for it – I needed a room of one’s own; more specifically a small office shed!

Escape to The Shed

These days, sheds are no longer made for just storing the lawnmower or the bulk of whatever houseful items that you want out of sight! There are man cave sheds, she sheds for sale, coffee sheds and even sheds used to work from home. Now, a shed is more like a cabin which many people are choosing to make as their own for that extra office or additional room to get on with their work. You can get all sorts of sheds these days too, portable sheds, small prefab sheds, even a lofted barn shed! Choosing a small, but adequality, sized shed, big enough to hold a desk and that all important coffee machine, I set to work on getting it installed, insulated and then added electricity to it. Quite soon, I created shed envy amongst our neighbours!

A Place to Retreat To

Not only have I been able to claim this shed as my own for my writing space only, but it has also served another more important purpose. It ensures that I get up, get dressed, pack my bag and make my way out of the house to get to it. In short, it has forced me to treat it as a separate entity from the home, and I feel as though I too am leaving for work in the morning, just as my partner does. The only difference is that I take a few steps to the office!

Continuing Inspiration

When at my office, i.e. my shed, I do not answer the front door and I do not answer the home phone. Effectively, I do what I would be doing if I got into the car and drove to an office. The distractions are therefore instantly removed and when I’ve finished my writing day, I simply lock the door and go back home, leaving my work at work (i.e. the shed!)

If you find yourself struggling to get anything done in the home, through too many distractions, why not try investing in a shed? With so many variations and price availability, it may just be the best decision you ever make for your writing journey! Make sure you get the Best Shed For The Money as there are so many styles and sizes out there!