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5 ways to help your child to be bilingual

When we look at children, in that instance, it seems almost impossible to imagine them growing up and becoming a communicating, learning person – let alone one that can speak several languages. Here are four steps to encourage your little one to be a polyglot child. Family agreement Family agreement is possibly the most crucial part in this process. An insecure partner might fear being … =>

The five rules of buying art

One of the big advantages of being an art critic is that you never have to think about presents. I don’t mean we never give any — art critics may be savage, ruthless and cruel, but we’re not ogres! No. We give presents. But we don’t have to think about what to give because we always give the same thing. Art. =>

A prayer for art history

Our critic, the son of a cleaner and a milkmaid, says the claim that art history is only for toffs is rubbish. Civilisation cannot be understood without it, so scrapping the subject at A-level is a swipe at universal values =>