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The Pros and Cons of Self-Publishing vs Traditional Publishing

The internet has been a game-changer for the arts community. Musicians and writers, in particular, no longer depend on record labels and publishing companies to present their work to the world. Nowadays, you can simply “DIY” it. Many do, however, when I recently spoke to a poet who was getting ready for the launch of her latest book of poetry, I was reminded of the … =>

Are The People Of Norfolk Preparing For Their Retirement Travel Dreams?

Findings from an online investment company revealed that East/East Anglia was one of three UK regions with the largest proportion of people contributing nothing towards their UK private pension pots each month, in Q3 2016.This amounted to 46% of the region’s population. Read True Potential Investor’s graphic below for more insights. =>

5 ways to help your child to be bilingual

When we look at children, in that instance, it seems almost impossible to imagine them growing up and becoming a communicating, learning person – let alone one that can speak several languages. Here are four steps to encourage your little one to be a polyglot child. Family agreement Family agreement is possibly the most crucial part in this process. An insecure partner might fear being … =>

Five Books that Can Help You Make a Living Online

In the early days of the internet, few people could have predicted how the web would revolutionize our entire lives. Whether for convenience or safety, a continuously increasing number of aspects of our everyday lives have been transferred online. Everything from banking to entertainment to shopping has been made easier, instantaneous and remote.   Today, we can have the option of taking our careers online. … =>

Happiness is a picture window

Light and space are said to be vital for mental wellbeing. Here psychologist Patricia Murray looks at how the design of our homes can affect our mood =>

Snapping up street photography

Street photography can be traced back to Cartier-Bresson. Now mobile phones, digital cameras and photo-sharing websites are contributing to an explosion of the genre, says Hermione Hoby =>

Kodak camera is also a phone

Most people use smartphones as cameras, so it is perhaps no surprise that Kodak has hatched a plan to jostle for position in the mobile phone market. =>

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